Lessons I Discovered from my Mother

The Hands of My Mother

My mother is not an adventurous person.
She does not like to try new things and is usually an extremely closed skeptic.

Not exactly a role model of fearlessness either. Except only towards her kids.
Well yes, mothers are great like that.

I guess growing up in the environment, it almost (almost) nurtured me into somebody who is anxious and fearful. But then the other side of me didn’t want to be living like so.

I tried being careful and fearful. It didn’t work out.
Often, I get this deep sense of hold back and regret.

The feeling of dissatisfaction is real.
Should I or should I not?

It came to a point where the sheer exertion of trying to resist just because something might be harmful to me is exerting more exhausting energy than going with the flow.

Put simply: It’s like swimming AGAINST the current.

As I grew older and became more ‘bitchy’ I started to question my mother’s fears.
‘So what???’

This is because I wanted to bring her to AWARENESS.

We all have irrational fears.
So by making her process my question, her brain motor will function and process deeply to address it.

No, I’m not some psychotherapist.

But this ‘bitchy’ daughter has 1000 ways to start questioning her beliefs.

IF this is you, maybe you’ll want to acknowledge and curb those doubts and highly irrational fears

Start ‘Flowing’ and seek out ‘The Energy’
You’ll FEEL it even if you don’t SEE it

Maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised instead.

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