Is University the only way to make it in life?

I remember only those moderately fun days of school.

The lessons? Hmmm…. Maybe not so much 😉

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I mean what do parents expect? We go there to hang out with friends right? Eat ice cream, laugh, scream, fall in love and fail subjects…

Not sure about the kids these days.

Anyways, fortunately I was a somewhat logical kid. I knew I had to complete the basic forms of education (Just so I wouldn’t dash my parents' dreams so completely)

But then I didn’t continue to university. Just enough to get me a decent salary.
- Because I knew I wouldn’t be happy

P/S: I remembered I wanted to be a prestigious high flying professor when I was about 8 or 10 years old

I didn’t know why I wanted to be one?
I guess at a young age, I knew what recognition and prestige will be like.

But when reality came, I knew that I didn’t want to further my knowledge on some subject I don’t even like.

Yeap, even though I didn’t know what I wanted to 'be' yet, the strong sense of what I didn’t want served as my guiding star.

Because 1 year into the industry, I knew I couldn’t do it all the way.

Took me 5 years but then one day I had a deep want to explore the beauty arts.
So I pursued the dream to become a really good creative beauty artist when accidental became serious.

I learned: We are completely free to develop our lives in the direction we choose

Oh yes connecting the dots is crucial.

⚡Yes, once connected, it will feel like a lightning just hit you and you gain superb clarity.

University don’t emphasize on how to navigate the relationships in society.
Society of hard knock lessons are more effective to kick us sorely in the butts way better than our teachers could ever teach us….. This also helps to bring us closer into clarity.

Going into entrepreneurship was kind of accidental.
I never actually planned for it.
All I knew then was: How to make it work better?

I managed to make a good income with the satisfaction & pleasure I knew I wouldn’t get if I stayed on in my previous job.

Entrepreneurship kept me on my toes. It’s a crazy tough journey of self-doubts and self discovery on the battlefield……

The constant changes and learning to market my brand services better & better keeps my brain challenged &engaged


I was a kid who failed maths a lot but I was still hopeful.

My teacher told me that I will not get into ANY of my top choices because I kept failing math… (& science even.)

Ermmm… Well I panicked abit cause there’s no re-choose. 🤣

Guess what ? I MADE IT. SCORED A for Math & Science…

Well if you’re curious what I picked initially; and I thought I should be practical for salary.

I picked

1) Optometry

2) Finance

3) Marketing
(In the end, I changed marketing to 2nd choice)

Optometry wasn’t easy to get into
It’s all math & science 💩

P/s: Well…I got into Optometry! But I didn’t like it when I went into the industry.😢

In entrepreneurship, I still ended up doing alot of creative branding & marketing for my brand.

Stumbling and figuring out how to get paid to do the things I enjoy.

(I realized this is a really important skill to have if anyone wants to get into business)

13 years now and still loving the thrill of my work. (Well sort of love-hate 😂)

It has evolved in the span of a decade (which I realized it’s perfectly normal to evolve in the world of business)

Guess what? I’m embarking on NFTs now.

Building on top of what I have and together with my NFT family, we will make it work, better & better.

If you’re also an entrepreneur, or an organisation even, we need to be ready for this phenomenon AND opportunity.

My goal of uniting a team into the digital NFT sphere with fun loving, like-minded entrepreneurs.

I believe we can become stronger as a community.

It is being built as I type this.

We welcome you to discover this phenomenon together.

We gather here for now.

They call this particular organisation a DAO. We welcome you to multiply your value with us.

DAO=Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (Go read up more)

Well, another topic for another day.

The whole discovery lesson here is:

We need to love what we do. If you don’t at least wake up happy enough to get to work, it’s time to reflect and think: “ What’s next?”

Define your definition of “Making it"

There’s no right or wrong answers.

There’s really only 1 life. If you don’t at least take control of it and live it well, then I guess you’ll end up miserable.

It’s a marathon. Not a sprint.

It’s the journey. Not the end point

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I help entrepreneurs & agents build a strong organic growth with a customized Power Brand Program and to profit happily for a long long time 🙂

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