DISRUPTION (How To Apply It)

Photo by Quinten de Graaf on Unsplash


What does it actually mean to disrupt and innovate? (Like honestly, I have no idea most times…)

I think this is a keyword mostly applicable to corporate businesses? Yes?

And it can be QUITE HARD for a lot of small entrepreneurs to understand.

Like me.


**FUN is a Much easier word to relate to **

A LOT OF FUN can be used to work on Innovation.

You don’t have to keep thinking about trying to present deep technical info or data or even explore rocket science. Because if your audience don’t get it, they say **Bye to you **

And very likely you will also give up before you reach halfway even…

Especially in the digital world, where you are struggling to explore to get business clients, grabbing attention is now harder than ever

May I remind you: You are competing with cute animals and cartoons on top of interesting entertaining content by other better human competitors
Plus the occasionally long lost friend or 2.

Take this cutie for example here: Don’t you agree he is really FUN looking?

Photo by Braydon Anderson on Unsplash

People’s attention is getting shorter and most times easily distracted.
If I may choose to be hand on heart honest? No one cares…
(Yup I said it.)

So stop making things too complex or trying to innovate

You just need to start having FUN

  • So they will connect with you more quickly
  • And you can sustain your business for the longest years to come (and be profitable of course)

Flaunt your showmanship and personality.
And if you think you haven’t got any, try taking classes or maybe just show up with thicker skin and do fun things.

Now read this 10 times. :)

Hi I’m Gerra and I help entrepreneurs strategize and grow market share with the power of personal branding.

More about me here.

If you like my content on personal branding and marketing for business, we are having alot of FUN here.



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